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Lessons and exam preparation for all main examination boards including AQA, EDEXCEL & OCR.



Common Entrance


AS level

A level

Focusing on speaking, reading, listening & writing.


Building confidence to succeed in exams.


Regular homework and marking of work to consolidate learning between lessons.

Conversational Spanish for holidays and Spanish for business.


Specific tailor made courses to suit your needs and pace of learning.


Bespoke study programmes  for individuals and groups. 






My name is Natalia and I welcome you to my website.

I am a native Spanish teacher from Madrid, I qualified in the UK and  have  over 15 years of professional experience teaching individuals of all ages.


I am passionate about teaching all aspects of the language and use a variety of techniques to ensure maximum progress for language skills development.


I teach in a friendly and relaxed manner, creating an enjoyable learning environment for all.


I am based in Hindhead (near Haslemere) in Surrey and teach in all the surrounding areas.


CRB Checked.

“The conquest of learning is achieved through the knowledge of languages.”


"A different language is a different vision of life."


“The sum of human wisdom is not contained in any one language.”


"To have another language is to possess a second soul."



"Learning Spanish with Natalia has been for me, most importantly, a great deal of fun!  She teaches with neverending patience, always a smile, and I am continually motivated by her.  My confidence in speaking has increased significantly since becoming a student of hers, and she has inspired me to continue with and progress further in my studies.  I have enjoyed my time with her immensely and would highly recommend Natalia to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.  She is a wonderful teacher!"



"Natalia s a very good teacher. Her classes are always interesting and well structured.She has a very good rapport with her pupils and she copes very well with a wide ability range. Her accent is clear and easy to follow. I really enjoy my lessons with her.



'Natalia's lessons are filled with energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. I wish language classes at school had been such fun.'

Hannah Tamsin


"My son and his Spanish wife live in Madrid and I felt that I aught to at least try to converse with our extended family in their own language whilst visiting.

Natalia is a very gifted teacher, she is enthusiastic and above all patient. After a year of lessons, my grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation  have improved greatly, and I feel that I can confidently hold a basic conversation, and more importantly, feel included during my visits. All thanks to Natalia.

I am definitely continuing with my classes, and would highly recommend Natalia to anyone who is looking for a Spanish Tutor.”

Elaine Collier

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Both written and verbal translation services are available.


Contact Natalia with your specific requirements.